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Geothermal Energy is baseload, sustainable Green Energy.

Geothermal heat is an inexhaustible, renewable resource using the heat of the earth’s core to provide a limitless supply of energy with no requirement for batteries.

It is safe to access, consistent and is a zero emission energy source obtainable at a very low cost, if accessible.

Other than hydro power, which can fail due to lack of rainfall, geothermal energy is the only baseload (continuous load) renewable energy source that is available 24/7. It is not dependant on wind, sunlight or rainfall (snowfall) which is not always present to meet peak load electricity requirements.

Geothermal heat can be used for multiple applications – electricity generation, direct heating / cooling and desalination.

Historically Geothermal has only been viable in shallow access regions such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Iceland and New Zealand, due to prohibitively high drilling costs.

With our low cost and deep drilling expertise, geothermal projects are now viable and profitable, irrespective of resource depth and local geology in every country.  

Single Well System

Good Water Energy uses the single, closed loop well system that can be used instead of the traditional and environmentally damaging twin well system, that was also previously unsuccessful in Australia.

Using the single well system, no fluid is extracted from or injected into the geothermal reservoir and no fracking is required for communication between the two wells. Heat only transfers from the geothermal reservoir and is transferred to the surface by a controlled fluid that is isolated from the reservoir within corrosion resistant well casing. Pumping is from the surface and no surface plant equipment is exposed to corrosive saline groundwater. Organic Rankine Cycle fluid is heated by surface heat exchangers to drive turbines that in turn drive electricity generators.

Waste heat is taken from the turbine exhausts and used to boil seawater in Multi Effect Distillation (MED) desalination plants. Good Water Energy intends to establish salt management systems for the harvesting of high-quality sea salt to reduce or even totally eliminate salt brine return to the ocean. Where possible and approved, the company will install salt evaporation ponds to produce sea salt and other minerals such as lithium and other elements which may also be extracted during this process.

This methodology minimises the environmental impact and lengthens the lifetime of the well system.
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