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Our Products

Our products will have significant social, environmental, economic and financial benefits for Australians.
Lower power and water costs will provide financial benefits to the public, reducing emissions will help to improve the environment and will assist Australia to meet emission targets. Zero Emission packaged water will reduce plastic waste and provide increased revenue to Australia through increased exports.  

There is abundant potential to distribute clean fresh water to dams, depleted groundwater reservoirs, mining operations and remote towns.  We have the ability to make a fundamental difference to our communities, industries and Australia as a whole.


Large industrial users of electricity such as electric train services can also switch to Good Water Energy to become emission free operators.

There is also potential for large mining operations and remote towns to be customers of Good Water Energy with the requirement for standalone (mini grid) geothermal power and water plants in many locations.

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Zero Emission Water

Zero Emission Water is an Australian owned and produced zero emission product. By buying Zero Emission Water from your supermarket or local retail outlet, you will be helping to improve the environment and the Australian economy in many ways such as:
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Reduction of plastic waste;
  • Reduction of the clean up costs for that plastic waste;
  • Reduction in the depletion of valuable fresh water reservoirs used to produce packaged drinking water by most other packaged water producers. Did you know that most packaged drinking water companies use three litres of fresh water to produce one litre of drinking water and all produce large amounts of emissions to process and package their drinking water?
  • Lower cost drinking water.

A large portion of the distilled water from Good Water Energy power and water plants will be diverted to on-site facilities for the packaging of pure bacteria free, zero emission drinking water for the Australian market and export. "All of the water cartons will be environmentally friendly and the water will be priced very competitively."  

Drinking water sold in cartons is becoming more popular with the growing problems of plastic waste.


Good Water Energy will provide a simple, easy solution to switch.  We intend to deliver sustainable, lower cost, base-load renewable energy and water directly to your home or business through existing pipe and wire networks.

There is no capital outlay required by you to switch to Good Water Energy.

Most importantly, each home switching to Good Water Energy for electricity and water supply, are expected to significantly reduce their annual CO2 emissions and this could increase considerably if you own an electric car.

Choosing to buy electricity and water from Good Water Energy will not only help our environment by reducing emissions but will reduce your average household power and water costs.
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