green hydrogen production


Geothermal Green Hydrogen


Hydrogen is an energy dense fuel that can be used to replace liquid fuels (e.g., petrol, diesel) in most engines, both mobile and stationary.
The sole waste product generated from hydrogen combustion is water.

Good Water Energy is the only renewable energy company capable of producing green hydrogen at commercially viable prices that can compete on an even playing field with current fossil fuel prices (without subsidies). Our fully scalable solution will operate 24 hrs a day without the need for batteries. Our goal is to produce green hydrogen from seawater for less than $2 / kg.

One hectare of our geothermal energy systems will produce enough green hydrogen to operate more than 200 large iron ore mine, hydrogen haul trucks for 24 hours a day. By comparison, one hectare of solar power will only produce enough hydrogen to fuel 1 mining haul truck for just 6 hours a day.


Green hydrogen = zero emissions


Geothermal electricity and zero emission water are the only viable renewable energy and water source for commercially viable green hydrogen production. Our method is the tried and proven alkaline electrolysis of water. Renewable, stable electricity is passed through distilled water where it splits each H2O molecule into oxygen and hydrogen gas.

If the electricity for hydrogen production is generated from fossil fuels, the process also creates large amounts of CO2. And ‘blue’ hydrogen is usually created by ‘cracking’ natural gas which creates large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. We also need to stop using valuable fresh water or high carbon footprint scheme water to produce green hydrogen.

The Australian Federal Government has prioritised hydrogen as their preferred technology in their latest energy /environment roadmap. A number of other countries (e.g., Japan, South Korea) have expressed interest in importing hydrogen from Australia and several companies are already investigating the feasibility of H2 production plants in Australia.

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