About Us / Our story

About Us / Our story


About Us


Good Water Energy has a mission to produce commercially sustainable, emission-free, renewable energy and desalinated seawater from sustainable geothermal heat resources. We will design and drill our own geothermal wells using tried and proven technology developed by the founder of Good Water Energy that protects the environment and significantly reduces costs relative to oil and gas drilling methods and previous geothermal drilling in Australia.

We aim to provide viable renewable replacements for large scale fossil fuel driven transport, processing, electricity generation and water desalination systems. Our wells are designed to provide thermal heat energy for electricity, green hydrogen production and seawater desalination for prolonged timescales in excess of 50 years with zero emissions and no adverse impact on the environment.

Our goal is to create a scalable model that can be implemented across Australia, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels for energy as well as addressing Australia’s severe water shortages.


Vision, Mission and Values


• To be Australia’s leading renewable energy, fertiliser and explosives supplier, providing low cost, zero emission, sustainable green products to homes, businesses and industry for many generations to come

• To replace fossil fuels with green hydrogen for transport, power generation, steel and ore processing and green ammonia production

• To deliver green hydrogen, ammonia fertiliser and explosives as a vertically integrated service provider to business and industry (as a wholesale provider)

• To become a global leader in renewable energy, green hydrogen, ammonia, fertiliser and water development, production and distribution within 10 years.

Technology and Management


Good Water Energy has economically viable drilling technologies and state of the art process systems for the production of electricity, water, hydrogen and ammonia, using geothermal heat energy in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

GWE will ultimately acquire and own geothermal drilling rigs with the capacity to drill up to 12,000m. We will have complete responsibility for all policies and procedures across the company and its projects with a strong emphasis on health and safety and care for the environment, as well as respecting indigenous peoples’ rights.

With a recent government tax incentive secured for up to A$253 million providing 43.5% cash back for our research and development, the company will continue to transform the geothermal industry with innovative and cost effective technology. The company will also continue to apply for applicable grants.

The Company intends to install multiple 100 MW to 6 GW combined power, water, green hydrogen and ammonia production plants in every state, each distributing to heavy industry, agriculture, highway service stations and more than one million homes and businesses. Each patented 5 well geothermal system will produce between 15 and 20 MWe of baseload green electricity or 300 to 400 kg of green hydrogen per hour.

Using the surplus heat from the geothermal turbines, we have the capacity to desalinate up to 1 million litres per day, per well, of fresh water from sea water at a cost of less than A$0.20 per tonne.

The combining of desalination with electricity generation removes the requirement for large expensive surface cooling systems and also reduces the power requirements for cooling of the geothermal electricity generation system. This results in electricity generation costs of below $0.0125 per kWh, with a further 20% of generated (gross) electricity to be converted to green hydrogen or distributed as a baseload renewable electricity supply.

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