Securing Our

Energy Future


Securing our energy future


The need for geothermal energy has never been greater. The energy crisis, rising cost of living, climate change and fertiliser shortage are affecting all Australians. The issues are mounting, and geothermal energy is the solution.

Good Water Energy is on a mission to harness geothermal technology to secure Australia's energy and resource future while meeting zero emission targets.

Utilising sustainable geothermal heat resources, we will produce low-cost electricity, desalinated sea water, hydrogen, ammonia, explosives and fertiliser for Australian and global markets.

Commercially sustainable

Emission-free renewable energy

24/7 baseload energy supply

No power source or batteries required

Geothermal green products


Geothermal Green Hydrogen

'Net zero' targets cannot be achieved without green hydrogen. Our commercially viable hydrogen production is fully scalable and operates 24 hrs a day. We aim to produce green hydrogen from seawater for less than $2 AUD/ kg (the cheapest in the world).

Geothermal Green Electricity

Our patented geothermal technology will produce the cheapest baseload electricity in Australia. We will use patented geothermal syphoning technology to produce very low-cost green electricity from deep, closed loop geothermal wells and sea water.

Geothermal Green Water

Our low cost, low maintenance modular Multi-Effect Distillation (MED) desalination technology will produce high quality water without generating emissions or plastic waste. It will be the cheapest seawater desalination in the world.


The global shortage of ammonia is accelerating the cost of living increase and driving food shortages. Our Darwin project is expected to produce up to 5 million tonne of urea fertiliser per annum, delivering cost savings and resource security.


The power of geothermal energy


Fossil fuels are currently used to generate most of Australia's baseload electricity, hydrogen, ammonia, ammonium nitrate explosives and urea fertiliser. This contributes to more than a third of our country's CO2 emissions. Solar and wind power are useful, but supply fluctuates.

Geothermal energy is the answer. Our patented drilling system will harness granite temperates of 300°C to 400°C, using a closed loop system and natural syphoning effect to drive turbines.

Market + Industries


Hydrogen Export

Geothermal energy will fill the gaps in the global energy market. More than 20 countries have identified hydrogen as a crucial element of their decarbonisation.


Water and fertilisers shortages place immense pressure on the agriculture industry. Our geothermal technology will deliver lower cost fresh water and urea, and cheaper power via hydrogen fuel cell generators.


Geothermal green hydrogen will drive the transport sector into the future via fuel cell engines and service station supply. Discussions are underway to directly supply blue chip transport corporations in WA and the NT with geothermal baseload green hydrogen.


Australian business face ever-increasing water and power costs. Our geothermal technology will produce low cost, zero emission fresh water and electricity. A small business can save more than $1000 / month on their electricity bill through existing connections.

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